vineri, 24 februarie 2012


Roman Carnival by Pimen Nikitich Orlov, 1859

The Seamstress by Eugene de Blaas

The Lion In Love by Abraham Solomon

Unknown Artist - Amorous Couple

Le Baiser by Auguste Toulmouche

A Guardroom Interior by Jacob Duck

The Consecration by George Cochran Lambdin

The Proposal by William Henry Midwood

Feeding The Swans by Frederic Soulacroix

The Lute Player by Hendrick Maertensz Sorgh, 1661

Dreaming by Albert Edelfelt

A Conversation by Alfred Barron Clay

The Ernest Suitor by Henry Victor Lesur

Dolor by Albert Edelfelt

Unknown Artist - Medieval Lovers, German

The Pearl Necklace by Frederic Soulacroix

The Artist And His Love - Mihaly Zichy

A Street In Venice by John Singer Sargent

La Preferee by Charles Edward Boutibonne

Still Life With Lovers by Adriaen van Utrecht, 1631

Blind Basket Maker With His First Child
by George Elgar Hicks

In The Conservatory by Edouard Manet

The Fat Boy by Harold Copping

The City And Country Beaux by Francis William Edmonds


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